Do I need a module to put the trademark symbol in the site title? If I add ™ at the end of the title, it just gets output as is.

  • You tried to just add the symbole? by hold Alt and enter 0153 on num block ™ (copyright 0169 ©, registerd 0174 ®) just hope you not use a Font without support for this
    – Nugorra
    May 29 '15 at 7:56

You can do this by using HTML TITLE module

Drupal node titles are restrictive and do not support italicized text or superscript text (e.g., Book titles, trademark symbols). The HTML Title module allows a limited set of HTML markup (em, sub, sup, b, i, strong, cite, code, bdi, wbr) to be used in node titles. It filters all other markup from titles to prevent XSS vulnerabilities or irrational nesting (e.g., links within links).

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