We are setting up a bibliography for old and very rare resources with Drupal 7 and the Bibliography module. We need to have more information about authors (picture, biography, nationality). We have seen that we could link authors to users but in our case authors don't require to have a real user account (because most of the time authors are dead).

My questions:

  • How can we add more information to authors?
  • Is it possible to create some kind of user account without login, password and e-mail ?
  • Would it be possible to create a specific content type for authors (with fields for picture, biography and nationality) and link it to the biblio author, and in that case how could we do this?

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Create another content type like "BookAuthor" with 1 node for each such Author. Then add fields to this content type for attributes such as picture, biography and nationality.

Assume you have a content type like "Ressources" (or just create one). Add a field in that content type using the Entity reference module for it (probably with multiple values allowed). That way you can add one or more "links" in each Ressources-node to relevant nodes of type BookAuthor.

PS: just to avoid possible surprises, I would not call the content type "Author" (which has a special meaning in Drupal, so better to not confuse Drupal with the same name for your extra content type).

  • THanks for your answer. We are trying in that direction : create a author content type with entity reference to biblio author. And add an entity reference to the biblio content type to the author content type.
    – Edwige
    May 29, 2015 at 13:05

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