I am using drupal webform for my website, I am using single Contact Us form on multiple places in my website.

But the problem is on different places the way of showing error message is different, its not uniform through out the website.

My webform which I am using everywhere

Here is the image that shows the first way that how error messages comes- First way how error message display

and here is the image that shows the second way to show error messages- Second way how error display

I want first type of error messages which is in red box.

Please help me that how can I achieve this.


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    The first version is server-side validation; the second version is client-side validation. Trust me, you want both – Clive May 29 '15 at 9:21
  • So if I am not specifying anywhere that whether to use client side validation or server side validation then on behalf of what it is deciding? – Kirti May 29 '15 at 10:22
  • Client-side validation is driven by attributes on form elements, so it's likely you have a module or theme installed which is adding the HTML5 required attribute, for example. You'll probably also have <input type="email"> for email fields, which will require a valid email before form submission, and so on – Clive May 29 '15 at 10:32

Try to use Webform Validation module. I hope through this you can solve your issue.

This module adds an extra tab to each webform node, allowing you to specify validation rules for your webform components. You can create one or more of the predefined validation rules, and select which webform component(s) should be validated against those. By using the hooks provided by this module, you can also define your own validation rules in your own modules.

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