I know it's a newbie question, but it's take me a lot of time to find a a small code for a small fonctionality.

for example I wanted to make the address phone field required, I didn't know how to know the arrays keys.

 * Implements hook_field_widget_form_alter().
function organize_address_field_widget_form_alter(&$element, $form_state, $context) {
  if(!empty($element['#addressfield'])) {
    $element['country']['#weight'] = 100;
    $element['phone_block']['phone_number']['phone_number']['#required'] = TRUE;


I tried devel to find it but without result.

So my question,after finding the good hook, how I can know the variables to use.

Is a general question to help me to learn module development.

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  • @shawn The code in the question works well for me, I just gave an example to request explanation how I do if want write a similar code. – learner123 Jun 1 '15 at 8:15
  • If you need to clarify your question, you can go back and edit it again. The original version seemed like you were trying to make the field required. – Shawn Conn Jun 1 '15 at 12:04
  • @ShawnConn I reach my need by using kpr() and debug() functions. thank you – learner123 Jun 2 '15 at 9:57

May be I'm missing something: I don't understand why you want to programatically make the field required.

Required is not a feature of a field by itself, it is an option you can set on its instance once it's attached to a node, through the admin/structure/types/manage/yourContentType/fields/yourFieldName.

  • It doesn't work for address field module, because this module provide complex field. – kala4ek Jun 1 '15 at 4:28
  • sorry my question was edited, they understood me wrong, I won't request to know how to make this field required, but how to know variables to work with when writing code like above. I posted a general question. – learner123 Jun 1 '15 at 8:07

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