I have created a custom module which implements the hook_menu_alter in order to override those two paths and to add my own access control logic:

$items['taxonomy/term/%taxonomy_term/edit']['access callback']

$items['taxonomy/term/%taxonomy_term/edit']['access arguments']

Looking for an out of the box solution I found this module vppr which overrides the exact same paths adding its own logic.

The point is that if I have both modules enabled - vppr module and my custom module - the ['access callback'] from my custom module is never fired. If I disable the vppr module my module is working fine.

Is that possible, two different modules can't override the same path or I'm missing something, and why the ['access callback'] from the contrid module is executed over mine?



There can only be one set of metadata for a single path. Hooks are invoked sequentially, so yes, if you have another module altering the same path, either yours or theirs will 'win'; never both.

You can control the order hooks are called in using the 'weight' column in the system table, or through the use of hook_module_implements_alter().

  • Thank you very much! Your answer(s) is/are really helpful. I could never imagine something like that: "either yours or theirs will 'win'; never both.". The proposed hook seems to add some order in the hooks chaos but it also seems a little scary in terms of implementation, at least for non experienced developers, thanks again!
    – mchar
    Jun 2 '15 at 10:00

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