I am using the i18n module in my site. When using the Path Breadcrumb module, I can manage the Home link text in Path Breadcrumbs settings, via admin/structure/path-breadcrumbs/settings

But there is nothing related to this within the page "Translate interface". Therefor it allways shows in the same language for all of my site languages.

How can I also translate this Home link?

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Make sure you have the Variable module installed/enabled. If you also have the Path Breadcrumbs module enabled (as seems the case in this question), then there will be an extra tab within admin/config/regional/i18n/variable of your site (tab title = Path Breadcrumbs).

Within that tab, there are over a dozens of options available for marking them as milti lingual variables. The "Home link Title" is one of them, and probably the one you need to enable here.

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