Suppose I have a Role A and Role B. As per my requirement The Role A is mandatory for a user and the Role B is a good to have role. I want to filter out the users in the views. So If a user has only Role A, he should be listed. If the user has both the roles he too should be listed but if the user has Role B only he should be restricted. Please Suggest.


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You can put condition in View's criteria.

  1. Go to your view and step ahead to filter.

  2. Put first filter as. For example you have role as category A and category B.

Add following filters which can be helpful as per your scenario.

   Select content:role (condition : is one of A and B)
   Select content:role (condition : is one of A)
   Select content:role (condition : is none of B)
  1. Don't forget to add OR and AND condition in between filter fileds.

Hope this will be helpful.

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