I've got a form I want to be disabled when certain criteria are met. According to the Form API I thought $form['#access'] = FALSE; would be sufficient. But no dice.

Instead, I'm doing this, which feels wrong, plus I get an error, "Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in form_builder()"

foreach($form as $key => $element){
$form['#prefix'] = 'Bad user. Don\'t access this form!';

Kind of a big stick approach. What's the right way to do this?


Drupal doesn't cope with the form being removed in such a way because it is expecting certain things in the form array after you have altered it.

That's why you are getting that error, because form_builder() does this:

if (!isset($element['#id'])) {
  $element['#id'] = drupal_html_id('edit-' . implode('-', $element['#parents']));

but you have removed $element['#parents'] when you looped through unsetting everything, including #parents.

If you want to loop through all form elements are remove them the correct way would be to use element_children(), which will loop through the keys of child elements but skip properties of the current element.

So to loop though child elements you would do this:

// Remove all elements from this form.
foreach (element_children($form) as $key) {

Alternatively you could restrict access like this, which could cause you less side effects if other modules are expecting form elements that you have deleted.

// Restrict access to all elements in this form.
foreach (element_children($form) as $key) {
  $form[$key]['#access'] = FALSE;

If the form is a page though, not in a block or something, then it might be better to use hook_menu_alter() to block it as Shawn said in his answer.


There are many solutions here. One solution is to just disable the submission button:

$form['actions']['submit']['#disabled'] = true;
$form['#prefix'] = 'Bad user. Don\\'t access this form!';

A more elegant way might be to just disable access to the form altogether. For example, using hook_menu_alter to set the form page callback to redirect away from the form.

  • None of those work for me. If you disable the submit button, then the form is still visible to the user. Why leave a form that is not functional? Bad practice. My form is embedded on a node that needs to be accessed, so redirect doesn't work, either. – Jeremy John Jun 4 '15 at 14:56
  • 1
    Just a one option depending on different needs. The way I read it originally made me think it was an isolated form, not a part of the node edit form. – Shawn Conn Jun 4 '15 at 21:44
  • Word. After refactoring and using drupal_static for efficiency, it became practical to just disable the form based on logic surrounding the form. So basically I'm saying you were right. – Jeremy John Jun 5 '15 at 20:05

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