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  1. Just a Simple question. Is [DS] Display-Suite-Module compatible with [panels] and [panelizer]?
  2. By that I mean do they implement conflicting Drupal-Code strategies for accomplishing the same objective. Do they have any name-space-collisions?
  3. I am well aware that they "purpose-wise" cover basically the same territory.
  4. I would like to try using one on certain website-projects and the other on other website-projects. I might then leave one unenabled. When I am familiar with both, I might attempt to use both on the same project.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    They are compatible in the sense that you can use Panel layouts on DS. (See picture below)

    You can use DS for one content type and Panels for another content type. Not sure who would win if I enabled both for the same content type, but why would anyone do that?

    Where it's not compatible is with mini panels, unfortunately you can't insert mini panels into a custom DS dynamic field.

    enter image description here

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      Thank you, just want to know if these two were a mess when used together. Jun 6, 2015 at 6:23

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