I am using Address field module to populate address. A requirement needs to limit cities to a particular set, and also countries to particular set too. so I would like to present a set of cities in drop down list based on country selection. From the answer here I could figure out that something has to be done in plugins but I could not figure out what exactly. If anyone has sample code for city drop down in Address Field modules's plugins it would be of great help!

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Consider using the Select (or other) module. Here is an excerpt about it from its project page.

Provides a new Forms API element which is a select/radios/checkboxes element that has an 'other' option. When 'other' is selected a textfield appears for the user to provide a custom value.

So basically you could "start" from a few cities (City 1, City 2, City 3), and whenever somebody needs another one (not in the list yet), they just enter "City 4". Here is a sample about it (just replace "Option" by "City" to get the idea):

enter image description here

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