I have a webform which takes a name and an email, the email field is set to not accept duplicates.

I have done this by choosing unique in the field settings (which is next to the required checkbox).

The error message it shows when a duplicate email is attempted is

'The value email has already been submitted once for the Email field. You may have already submitted this form, or you need to use a different value.'

How can I change this completely?

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There's other way if you don't want to code anything.

You can use String Overrides Module

This module allow override any translatable string on the site.


Steps to fix this:

  1. You can do a hook_form_alter on the Webform.

  2. Add your own custom validation function.

  3. In the custom validation, add your validation on the Email field.

I haven't tried anything, but I think this would solve your problem and will override the messages for you.

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