I have a multilingual site. I am browsing from Holland and with the Smart_IP module i am redirecting to the correct language:

http://landberg.at/nl/ or http://landberg.at/de/

My default language is English. But now as user from Holland for example (dutch browser), you are NOT able to switch to the English homepage. This is because the homepage URL in English is http://landberg.at/ >> Then you are automatically redirect to http://landberg.at/nl/

Is there a solution for this?


Try to use IP to Locale module. I think this module definitely solve your issue.

IP to Locale provides IP lookup and redirection services for Drupal sites.


I don't know the Smart_IP module's mechanism, but I think you should simply solve your problem outside of Drupal: adding an Apache redirection like Redirect "landberg.at" "landberg.at/en". Somewhat brutal but should work...

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