I'm using Services for providing an external webapp to register new user to the Drupal server.

I'm able to login from the webapp, create node and post comment.

But I can't have access to user registration.

My endpoint is configured and got all CRUD functionnality for user checked.

But when I try to acces it : http://localhost/rest/user/register

I got a 401 : ["Access denied for user anonymous"]

I guess I'm missing sone permissions, but I can't figure out which one ?

Could you please help me ?

Thanks in advance.


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Well, apparently the 401 is a false error message.

I had an error in the data structure I posted to user/register, when I fixed it the 401 disappeared.

I still have an error on my user registration but this is now a 500.


Go to Configuration -> People -> Account settings and verify that Visitors or Visitors, but administrator approval is required is selected for the Who can register accounts setting. This page can be reached at:


After that, try the Rebuild permissions link located under Reports -> Status report. This page can be reached at:


And of course flush all of Drupal's caches after enabling/disabling Service Resources and endpoints.

  • Hello Tyler, and thanks for your answer. But all these settings were allready checked. Sorry I forgot to mention that. – nieud Jun 9 '15 at 12:59

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