this function caches the output, so it doesnt work if I want to change dynamically between two template files. For example user-profile.tpl.php and user-profile-project.tpl.php


function hook_theme_registry_alter(&$theme_registry) {
  $tmp1 = arg(0);
  $tmp2 = arg(1);
  $tmp3 = arg(2);

  if ($tmp1 == "user" && is_numeric($tmp2) && !$tmp3) {
    $user = user_load($tmp2);
    $roles = $user->roles;
    if (in_array('project', $roles)) {
     $theme_registry['user_profile']['template'] = 'user-profile-project';

So how can I do this differently?


Implement hook_user_profile_preprocess() and add your template suggestion as last entry of $variables['theme_hook_suggestions']. Instead of using arg() as you are doing, use menu_get_object('user', 1).

hook_theme_registry_alter() is not good because:

  • Drupal caches what it gets from hook_theme_registry_alter()

      // _theme_registry_build()
      if ($cached = cache_get('theme_registry:build:modules')) {
        $cache = $cached->data;
  • It is never invoked for each page request Drupal gets; so you could not for which user the user profile is.

Then, the Drupal way would probably be to check the user has a specific permission rather than a specific role.

if ($account = menu_get_object('user', 1) && user_access('your permission', $account)) {
  $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = 'your template suggestion';

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