I've got a View with an Exposed Filter that shows Taxonomy Terms that are used to filter the content that's going to be displayed as the result.

It's a View that shows recipes based on the filters chosen by the user (Type of Recipe, Type of Meat).

When I submit the form, I get the following URL:


The last parameter shows the number 22, which is the Term ID for the value chosen. The URL has to contain the Term Name instead of the Term ID.

Can I change it via hook_views_query_alter() or is it needed to create a custom handler for that?

Thanks in advance.


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There's no need to do this in code. You basically need to:

  1. Add relationship to taxonomy term via entity reference field (it would probably also work with term reference)
  2. Add exposed filter using this relationship (search for field Taxonomy Term: Term)

It works fine and you get URL, such as:


If you want to have an URL key type-of-meat, you can set it in More drop-down in you exposed filter configuration. The field name is Filter Identifier

I experienced problems with using features trying to prevent duplicates created by joining taxonomy terms.

  • Can you provide more details on how to add the taxonomy term via entity reference field?
    – Sam
    Oct 14, 2017 at 10:59

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