I'm currently using PathAuto in my project to automatically create aliases for nodes which I'm sure many of you do. But my problems lies with Purl (Persistent url) which is supposed to add a prefix to my url.

For example /blog/some-blog should become /kiosk/<id>/blog/some-blog. The purl provider does this without any issue (I use Path pair) meaning if I go to /kiosk/<id>/blog/some-blog it will show me the correct page, my issue here is that links within the /kiosk/<id>/ context should be rewritten to contain /kiosk/<id>/ to make sure I stay in the same context.

This works, as long the link has not been rewritten by an url-alias.

For example: I have a link inside the blog which refers to another blog post, let's say node/15. If node/15 does not have an alias the link would simply be /kiosk/<id>/node/15. BUT if node/15 has an alias, let's say my-other-blog-post, the link does not contain the prefix.

The link should be /kiosk/<id>/my-other-blog-post but instead becomes /my-other-blog-post .

So my question is, how do I force url-alias to accept the path prefix without removing it?

  • You know that purl is beta? I think it might actually be a bug, and you have better chance of finding help in issue queue than here. – Mołot Jun 11 '15 at 17:49

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