I have two simple content types

  • Parent
  • Child

The Parent content type has an unlimited value entity reference field which allows it to reference Child nodes.

The Parent content type Manage display for the Child entity reference field is set to "Rendered entity".

Now when viewing a Parent node, each of its Children nodes are displayed as well. Great.

However, I'd like to see an "Edit" link next to each Child node when viewing a Parent node. How can I achieve this? I'm hoping for a hover feature that would pop up a cog icon.

I thought the "Show links" option on the field's display settings would show some type of link(s), but it appears none are showing.

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I hate to answer my own question, but all you have to do is enable the "Contextual links" module. This is a Drupal core module, and it can be enabled here:


Or with Drush via:

drush en contextual

This module is automatically enabled with a "Standard" Drupal installation, but if you use a "Minimal" installation this module will not be enabled.

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