I am currently working on a project where i have a content type that has 2 field collections. (with cardinality 1) Each field collection has one other field collection (with unlimited cardinality).

To summarize:

Content type X

  • Field collection 1
    • Some fields
    • Field collection A (unlimited cardinality)
  • Field collection 2
    • Some fields
    • Field collection B (unlimited cardinality)


I want field collection A and B to respond to each others "add item" and "remove" actions. So that when you add an item to field collection A, automatically an item to field collection B is added as well and vice versa.

Are there any hooks available for this?

I have been doing some research but there is very little documentation about this that i can find.

Thanks so much in advance!

  • Try to reuse the field collection item machine name for two field collections.
    – Muthupriya
    Jun 17 '15 at 12:56
  • Machine names have to be unique, so you can never reuse a fields machine name
    – Guardian
    Jun 17 '15 at 13:34

I managed to solve this with some jQuery.

Not sure if this is the "cleanest" way to do this, but it works. I hook into the mousedown() event of the "add another item" button,and trigger the other button's mousedown manually.

I also added a delay of 800ms, because of some conflicting events if the 2 mousedowns are too quickly after eachother.

Hope this helps anyone in the future.

$('#edit-field-pressure-calculation-und-0-field-pressure-calculation-line .clearfix .field-add-more-submit').mousedown(function() {
    setTimeout(function() {
      $('#edit-field-heat-calculation-und-0-field-heating-calculation-line .clearfix .field-add-more-submit').mousedown();
    }, 800)


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