Commerce Kickstart facets get temporarily disabled (showing reduced opacity) after selecting one of them until the new search downloads. This is a cool feature. However, if the user clicks the browser's back button after that, then the previous page is displayed without reloading and the facets are still disabled, therefore making a new search impossible unless the user manually reloads the page.

In order to reproduce this problem, just visit KickStart Demo (http://demo.commerceguys.com/products), select a facet term, wait until the search is loaded and then go back.

What's the easiest way to solve this? I've been thinking of forcing a page reload in search pages or to use jQuery to make sure that all facets are enabled. Neither of them sound very natural.

Thanks for you answers! David

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This is an issue with how FireFox serves cached pages when you use the Back button.

There appears to be two ways of solving this:

1) Per the first answer here, set autocomplete="off" for all form elements that can be disabled. As that form likely isn't one you have direct control over (without hacking a module), you'll have to do this with a hook_form_alter().

2) The second answer in the question linked above provides some JavaScript that you can use to stop this from happening:

window.addEventListener('pageshow', PageShowHandler, false);
window.addEventListener('unload', UnloadHandler, false);

function PageShowHandler() {
    window.addEventListener('unload', UnloadHandler, false);

function UnloadHandler() {
    //enable button here
    window.removeEventListener('unload', UnloadHandler, false);

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