I would like to display only certain values of CCK value in a views field. In another words, I don't want to display certain values of CCK in the views field. Is this possible?

For example I have a CCK field called "fruits" with multi selections of "orange", "apple", "banana". I have also a table view with a "fruits" field and then I would like to display only "orange" value but keep this field empty when the field have the value other than "orange"(when the value is "apple" or "banana" ).

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You can make use of a computed field (fruits_computed) which takes the input value of the fruit field (fruits) and filters values via php, sth. like this:

$allowed_values = array('orange');
if ( array_in($fruits_value, $allowed_value) ) {
$output = $fruits_value;
} else { 
$output = '';

Then in views, you do not use the fruits field, but fruits_computed.

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