Authenticated users must be able to flag webform submissions.

How can I make this work?

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There is a sandbox project Webform Flag Submission that you can probably use as a starting point


Navigate to /admin/structure/flags/add/node and create a flag (do not check the "global" checkbox). For "Bundles" (on the same form, check "webform").

On that same form, review any of the various other options available to define/refine the flag to be created, such as: - Flag Access, - Display options, - Link type, - Etc.

Then use the "Save Flag" button.

A few other questions that may help to get you going (which are like variations of this question):

Note: The Webform Flag Submissions sandbox is for D6 only (I'm assuming this question is about D7, is it?).


Thank you for your reactions.

Yes, this is indeed a question for D7.

Also: I in fact can make a flag-link in a table to flag the user. But I want the authenticated users to be able to view the webform submission and make a flag-possibility on that page (the page that the user gets when he watches the webform).

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