I have installed meta tag modules,then enable the meta:views mudule for meta tags. After that i have added meta tags from views interface. Now I need to override these value on the basis of exposed filter dropdown.I mean when i change filter,then meta values should be changed.

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You can use hook_metatag_metatags_view_alter

 * Implements hook_metatag_metatags_view_alter().
 function mymodule_metatag_metatags_view_alter(&$output, $instance, $options) {
   if (isset($_GET['some_filter']) && $_GET['some_filter'] == 'some value') {
     $output['title']['#attached']['metatag_set_preprocess_variable'][0][2] = t('New meta title');
    $output['description']['#attached']['drupal_add_html_head'][0][0]['#value'] = t('New meta description');

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