I am using Domain access module for my multi-site creation and using common database for both the site:

1. example1.com (Default domain)
2. example2.com (sub domain)

I want default registration functionality for default domain (example1.com), but don't want this functionality on sub domain (example2.com).

If I configure this registration functionality only for Administrators from admin section (Home » Administration » Configuration » People) from default domain (example1.com) look like below screenshot:

enter image description here

Then this will be applicable for both example1.com and example2.com, as I am using common database and common tables for both the sites.

So can anyone please guide me how can I disable the Registration functionality for sub domain (example2.com) and use this same for default domain (example1.com).

Thanks in advance.

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According to this answer on SO (to a 'similar' question posted 'a bit before' this question ...), this is a possible answer to this question (= quote from that question):

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As far as I know you can have different variables per domain (Because the Registration option is a variable) using the latest Domain Access module (currently 7.x-3.11 from 2014-Mar-02). It can be done with a submodule named Domain Settings. Enable it if haven't done yet.

If for any reason does not work for you I would suggest to use the Domain Variable module to handle variables for each domain.

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