I would like to allow my users to choose a background image or color for a node. I created a content type with two fields: 'background image' of type image, and 'background color' of type color field.

I can retrieve the values of the fields on my module but how can I pass them to my stylesheet? Should I use the style attribute of my HTML elements?

The background color can be any color so I can't precreate css classes, or files.

Any idea on how to do this? Thank you!

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I suggest you do it in your node.tpl.php. You can add the style attribute directly to the attributes array in a node preprocess.

in your template.php , load(add css file ) or insert in-line css style

function THEMENAME_preprocess_node(&$variables) {
  $type = $variables['type'];
   // dpm($$variables['node']);
  // as example
 $css = "p {background-color: $color }";
 drupal_add_css($css, 'inline');

you can do something like this .I hope this solution get you some good clue .

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