I am building a Drupal Commerce based site and now I am facing the following issue.

I have created some T-Shirt Products like,

  • T-Shirt (White)
  • T-Shirt (Black)
  • T-Shirt (Blue)

And also created a product display called "Shirts". In that product display I created a new node "T-Shirt". Since The "size" is an attribute to the product type so I am having a select box to select the color while viewing the "T-Shirt" content.

But the problem comes here. As per my need, if the user selects "Color - White" while viewing the product display, we need to add another product "Blue-Jeans" to it. So that means, White Shirt and Blue Jeans will go together in cart if selected.

I am using inline_entity_form to reference products in a Product display (Same as Commerce Kickstart Demo "Tops" product display). How can I achieve this functionality?

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What you are looking for is bundling of products.

Take a look at Commerce Product Bundle Module

The project page says

You can define products that consists of other products. They are all combined in one add to cart form. The form works like the core add to cart form with all the fancy selection and ajax magic. So the customers can make their selections as usual. The difference is, that the products from mulitple reference fields were presented on one add to cart form.

  • thanks but this module is not working for me giving error drupal.org/node/2199979. Also tried Commerce Product Add-on but this only adds the add-ons price to cart not the whole. Any further ideas? I think I'll try commerce custom products. Jun 22, 2015 at 9:30

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