I activated authcache and the cache system is working well. When i change the price for a product the page is read from the cache. How can i trigger to reload the page from database if one specific field (price field for example) is changed?

Information on my installation:

I have installed Drupal Core 7.37 , Commerce 7.x-1.11. and AuthCache 7.x-2.0-beta5.


Authcache comes with an integration module for the Cache Expiration project. See also the Authcache 2 tuning guide - integrate with Cache Expiration module.

It might get tricky to find all pages where a particular product/price is displayed due to the separation of products and display nodes in commerce. Depending on how frequent prices are changed, you might consider nuking the whole cache, e.g. using a combination of Rules and the Cache Actions module.

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