Here i working in Drupal Commons.7.x and i need to add extra tab in that common browsing widget (Common Browsing Widget) section in common drupal.How to achieve to add extra tab in common browsing widget in common drupal.Here my need to in that imageCommon Drupal Browsing Widget Here i tried to change using

structure => View => Common browsing Widget (Poll,Q&A,Event and etc.,)

. Need to add extra tab with content.how to achieve it.Kindly guide me.!

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It uses Quick Tabs.

You can either goto admin/structure/quicktabs and edit the quicktab.

Or you can visit admin/structure/quicktabs/manage/commons_bw/edit which is the default quicktab for browsing widget directly add any block that you want.

  • Hi @Gokul Thank for you response me, but quicktab not added any thing and nothing manage in quicktab..Let me know which section tab wll added?
    Commented Jun 23, 2015 at 12:23

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