I am trying to import product kit from CSV file but I am not getting how to import it as I need to link with products in product kit.

I am using Ubercart, Feeds and Ubercart product mapper to import.

Any suggestions?

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Ubercart Feeds Mapper module:

Refer to the answer to the question about "How to import products to UberCart 3 using CSV data?". It contains a link to Drupal 7 Port of uc_feeds, which seems to include everything that's needed to make this to work by using the Ubercart Feeds Mapper module.

Note: from your recent question "Ubercart Product import containing HTML formatting in product description", I'm assuming that you are referring to the Ubercart Feeds Mapper module (instead of "Ubercart 'product' mapper" ...

From Ubercart.org:

Importing from CSV files also details the steps required for such import. The process consists of 3 steps. Here is a summary of these steps:

  • Prepare product data.
  • Activate the Node Import module.
  • Import process.

Attention, the 'Node Import' module does not have a D7 version, only a D6 version.

  • I am importing product bundle ( product kit ) so in the csv file we need to link with existing products. That's what i want to know
    – nzn
    Commented Jun 25, 2015 at 3:47

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