I've searched google and the Drupal API, but I can't seem to find documentation for the data array that serializes/unserializes automatically that is attached to entities and stored in the data column on some entities, particularly commerce_order. Searching for the world "data" is like searching for the word "the." Where/how is the data array serialized and unserialized?

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The data attribute is part of the Commerce Entity definitions, and I think this might be part of the larger de facto Entity API setup for contrib entities (don't quote me on that ;).)

If you want to find the documentation on properties and how they are handled you need to review the EntityController class, which each Commerce module has in its includes folder.


 * Unserializes the data property of loaded orders.
public function attachLoad(&$queried_orders, $revision_id = FALSE) {
  foreach ($queried_orders as $order_id => &$order) {
    $order->data = unserialize($order->data);

The database layer automatically serializes, if I recall correctly. However controllers need to unserialize.

Hopefully this this question and other entity related items (also make sure to review hook_entity_info() implementation.)

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