I have a multi-site setup like below:

abc-parent/sites/all/modules/views abc-parent/sites/pqr-child/modules/views (consisting core patching done in views)

When i do the above i get errors like cannot redeclare function

I wanted to do a core patching for views inside just 'pqr-child' site so that customization remains only to pqr-child and not for all the sites inside 'abc-parent'

Can anyone please help me achieve the above.



Modules that are placed inside sites/all/modules directory are accessible to all sites setup inside sites directory. Thats why it is showing you the error.

So basically you are trying to apply a patch for pqr-child site only. So you can do :

  1. If it is a general patch, you can apply it to sites/all/modules/views directory. So there is no need of adding views directory for pqr-child site.
  2. If it is a hack, then my suggestion is not to hack the module, instead you can write a custom module to fulfil your requirements.
  3. But if it still necessary to hack the module, you need to copy the sites/all/modules/views to all the sites/subsites/modules directory and delete it from sites/all/modules.

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