I'm using Domain Access and Redirect modules. Both work well.

But Redirect module only allows me to create redirects from relative path which affects as follows all my domains.

So how to create domain-specific redirect?

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You can perform multisite redirect by using Multisite Redirect module.

Multisite Redirect is a system designed to allow users to create and manage URL redirects across domains in a sort of multisite configuration. The primary use case for this module is one where a client might have multiple domains that are being consolidated into a single site.


You can do this by using Domain Redirect module.

This module allows the creation of an internal Drupal path that will direct the user to a unique path based on the domain that the user is in. The link is based at the path "/domain-redirect/12345" where "12345" is the redirect ID that is stored in the database.


Try to use Domain Default Redirection module.

This small module provides a redirection feature instead of providing the default domain contents in the Domain Access suite.

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