I have a Banner View block that appears on pages using a reference url field.

When the url: thispage is entered in the reference field of the banner, it appears on domain.com/thispage.

Now that i enabled 2 other languages en + de this reference is not working. Entering the url with the language extension (en/thispage) neither.

I looked into the Views Block. Maybe some code needs to be added. The block has this code under Visibility settings:

<?php $nids=arg(1); $datas=node_load($nids); if ( $datas->type=='referenced' ) { return false; } else{ return true; } ?>

In the View under contextual filter there is some global php. This might be changed to match the path from other languages (de/thispage)

This is the code from Views:

$match_path = ltrim($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '/');

$match_path=explode("/",$match_path); $match_path=explode("?",$match_path[0]); return $match_path[0]; //return $_GET['q'];

Any suggestions about how to resolve this?


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You may want to check your configuration at Configuration -> Languages -> detection and selection: the order specified there could be what explains the current behaviour in your site.

You'd have to experiment a bit with what the exact order in your case should be. In my experience, I often get these kind of issues to work by using an order like 'URL, Default, User', and not something like 'Default, URL, User'. So try to experiment a bit with the various combinations in this order to see if it helps.

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