I'm looking to give my user the ability to to have a personal photo gallery that when another user clicks on their profile they can see said gallery?

I know i can create a content type and view, but not sure where to go from there as far as only exposing the necessary photos for a specific user to another. basically a dumb-ed down version of what Facebook has as far as photos.

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for some interesting options, take a look at the Album Photos module. I'm not sure if it will do what you're asking OOB, but if you use it, it would change your question so I'll suggest it.

"Album Photos" is an image album module providing multi-user album features. The module development objective is to provide a comprehensive image album solution for Drupal.

Version 7.x-3.x Highlights

Integrates with core image styles. Uses Libraries API 2.x for Jeditable. Built in support for Colorbox. Vote on images with Voting API. Comment on images. Built in support for Plupload. Upload multiple images with Plupload. Limit the number of albums created per role. Reads image exif parameters. Nice presentation of the images. Views integration. Support for private file system. Drag and drop interface to re arrange photos and albums to sort by custom weight order. Photos Access Included as a sub module. Enable this module to control who has access to the photos and galleries.

Create password protected photo galleries. Create galleries with a list of collaborators who can edit the same gallery. Create private / locked galleries that can only be seen / edited by the gallery owner. photo gallery, image gallery, user managed photo albums


You can add an image field to the profile fields rather than use a node and content type, under configuration and account settings choose manage fields and add it there.

If you do want to use a content type and a node, add a reference to node:author and add a contextual filter with a default value to get user ID from URL, that will only show the images from the node(s) that user has created.

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