In a custom module I use hook_node_presave($node) on node objects with referenced fields.

When creating a new node, ddebug_backtrace() shows that entity_save is called first and then node_save. Which leads to two new nodes. At the end of hook_node_presave() I have one correctly created node and one with only partially filled fields.

How can I prevent node_save to fire in hook_node_presave() when entity_save was already executed? Or maybe the solution is to prevent entity_save to fire?

Could anybody please explain how to correctly use hook_node_presave() on node objects with attached referenced fields?


Just in case anybody else experiences the same strange problem. In my case the reason was module CER (Corresponding Entity References) 7.x-3.0-alpha7. For any reason after a complete uninstall and clean reinstall hook_node_presave() now works fine with entity referenced fields.

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