I'm running a Drupal website for a while but suddenly and for an unknown reason the website become unable to update modules via the back office. The download of the modules goes good but when I click to the button to update the database I got an error page and when I see the recent reports logs I have that:

UpdaterException: Unable to determine the type of the source directory. in Updater::factory() (line 99 of ../www/includes/updater.inc).

Is there any solution for that problem?
Notice: I'm using Zeus server instead of Apache.

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It looks like the directory it's expecting the source to come from doesn't exist. Here's the snippet of code which causes the exception to be thrown.

if (is_dir($source)) {
  $updater = self::getUpdaterFromDirectory($source);
else {
  throw new UpdaterException(t('Unable to determine the type of the source directory.'));

When updating this is the default directory: $directory = 'temporary://update-extraction-' . _update_manager_unique_identifier();

Make sure your defined temporary folder in the file system can be written to by Drupal.

If all else fails, manually update your modules via file transfer.

  • Thank you very much for your useful ansewer; i just changed the permission and everything goes ok; thank yoy again Jun 27, 2015 at 21:58

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