I created a custom profile with a custom theme for Aegir. I would like to enable that theme by default when a user install hostmaster during the Aegir installation. In the Aegir installation hostmaster is installed when the user runs the below drush command

drush hostmaster-install

I would like to know is there any way to modify this command or any other way to set my custom profile as defautt one during the Aegir install process.


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The hostmaster-install command has options for --profile and --makefile.

I use these options for OpenDevShop, which has it's own makefile and profile.

You can use a URL or a path for makefile option.

    drush hostmaster-install --makefile=/path/to/mymake.make --profile=mycustomprofile

It's done in hostmaster.install: theme_enable(array('eldir'));

You could patch that or better create a mini module of your own to later enable your own theme.

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