I have created node there path is "content/book/book-name-alias". Where I have override a node using view page "content/book/%" where contextual filter using "Node Id".

When I have request a page using "book/content/9" a node will override but same node "book/content/book-name-alias" it is not working.

How to override a node using an alias?


The path where a node is rendered is at node/%node, where %node is the nid of the node.
Example : http://example.com/node/1, and the path which is displays book/content/book-name-alias is an alias of the node/%node path.

So, to implement this override the node/%node path using either a view page (how to), or a panel page (how to) with the same path.

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  • didn't work url given by you. – Parth Indian Jul 2 '15 at 9:42

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