I am using the Migrate (v7.x-2.2) module to migrate records from an XML source into Drupal 7.9.

I've also installed the popular link field module (v7.x-dev).

So far, in my migration class, all built-in fields work well during the migration, but I have not figured out how to migrate link fields from my XML source with their title.

I have two XML source fields (xpaths):

/record/organization/name  <-- I want to migrate this into the link title
/record/organization/url   <-- I want to migrate this into the link url

I am able to get the URL to import using this line in my Migration file (had to use link v7.x-dev module, not 7.x-1.0):

   $this->addFieldMapping('field_organization', 'organization_url')->xpath('/record/organization/url');

...but I have no idea how to inject the /record/organization/name into the title argument:

   $this->addFieldMapping('field_organization', 'organization_url')->xpath('/record/organization/url')->arguments(array('title' => [WHAT GOES HERE?]);

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So, the solution is to not use arguments, but instead, fix up the record using the prepare() method:

In the constructor:

//IMPORTANT - DO this source mapping without a destination mapping (NULL)
$this->addFieldMapping(NULL, 'organization_title')->xpath('/record/organization/title');

$this->addFieldMapping('field_organization', 'organization_url')->xpath('/record/organization/url');

Then, create a method named prepare():

function prepare($node, $rec) {
      $node->field_organization[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['title'] = $rec->organization_title;

As of today (Nov 30, 2011), you must have the 7.x-dev version of the link module installed, not the "stable" 1.0 version, in order for link fields to work at all!



I found a working MigrateLinkFieldHandler here:


I uploaded the latest 'patch' from there, which is basicly a single class definition (*), to a file called 'link.inc' in my migratemodule, and added a reference to that file in my module.info there. Cleared caches et voila:

 $arguments = MigrateLinkFieldHandler::arguments(
      array('source_field' => 'url_title')
 $this->addFieldMapping('field_link', 'url')

(*) ofcourse, since its a patch, i had to remove all the ++++ and superfluous lines to get a nice working php class )

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