I need to list all users from organic groups in which the current (logged in) user is an administrator member.

I manage to list all users from groups where current user is member (using relationship - OG membership: OG membership from User and contextual filter - The OG groups of the logged in user), but I can not manage to get only groups where the current user has administrator privileges.

Some idea?

Thank you.

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You should try to use a contextual filter in views and add a Relation to the OG Roles.

  1. Click on the advanced section in your view.
  2. Add the contextual filter "Content: Groups audience (og_group_ref)"
  3. Then select "Provide default value"
  4. Choose "The OG groups of the logged in user" in the dropdown field
  5. Add a relation "OG Roles from membership"
  6. Add a filter "OG Role name" and choose the role you want to have
  • Thank you for your answer. But it seems that it's not working. I should be able to list the users from that groups. Do you have any idea?
    – Vesna
    Jul 2, 2015 at 12:19

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