I have a content type named "clients" which can be filtered within a view and all can be selected using bulk operations.

What I would like to do is take the filtered list in the view and copy it to a permanent list of content on my site. So that it is saved and can be accessed at a later date without having to go through the filter options again.

For example, to store a list of clients all from one country, say Germany, to a list of these clients named Germany.

Any ideas how I would do this?


Views Save module can help you. The module page says

This projects allows admins to add a "Save" button to their views (on a per-view basis). This button allows logged-in visitors to save their current exposed filter settings on the site, so they can later return to the same page. The saved views are stored per user, and can be listed with Views themselves, to provide users with an overview of all their saved views. Saved views can also be overwritten with new settings.

Anonymous users are offered a way to log in or register when trying to save a view – if they do, the view is saved to their (possibly new) account, otherwise it is purged after a while.


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