I have a Civicrm set up in Drupal 7. I am showing Civicrm data using two different views.

In one of the view I have set contextual filter to get the contact IDs. From another view I am passing contact IDs as the contextual argument.

Now the issue is, the filter is not working for those IDs which are in thousand. For e.g. 1,223.

Further, when i used the Views php module to pass php value to remove that comma, it is creating Ajax internal server error.

Below is the code, I used in views php field.

<?php echo str_replace(',', '', $row->contact_id); ?>

I have checked below link, but that is also not working in this case

Thousands separator (comma) in term id

Please suggest a solution which will work without any ajax issue.

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 * Implements hook_views_data_query_alter().
 * @param $view
 *   Information about Views' tables and fields.
 * @param $query
 *   Information about query used in this views.
function my_module_views_query_alter(&$view, &$query) {
  // Only edit your view whose contextual filter need to be edited.
  if ($view->name == 'your_view_name'){

    // Get your contextual filter field and use your code to strip comma.
    // str_replace(',', '', $row->contact_id);

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