Each Article shows "Authored on YYYY-MM-DD" date per configured regional date format. e.g. 2015-05-14 00:00:00 +0100

However, the content listing at admin/content shows the UPDATED date as MM-DD-YYYY unlike anything else and is confusing to admins.

Users have no choice of Default Time / Region on the Drupal 7.37 site. Date and Time Long, Medium, Short formats are all ... YYYY-MM-DD

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Date (and time) formats can be configured via admin/config/regional/date-time. It can be used to specify the format for data types Long, Medium and Short.

Other tabs that are available on that same page:

  • Formats (to define your own custom formats).
  • Localize (for language specific tuning).
  • Date Views (for date views specific to "day", "week" or "month").

The content listing at admin/content shows the updated date as Short format.

You can change the SHORT format at admin/config/regional/date-time from MM-DD-YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD or anything else you want and then the format of updated date at the admin/content will change.

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