To change a password I would use:

drush user-password USERNAME --password="SOMEPASSWORD"

Is there a similar way to change a user's name using Drush from the command line?

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Just an update for those looking for this for Drupal 8.6+. The query should be

drush sql-query "UPDATE users_field_data SET name='somenewname' WHERE uid=##";

There isn't a built in Drush command, but you can use Drush's sql-query command (or sqlq shorthand) to update the user's name:

drush sql-query "update users set name='SOMENEWNAME' where uid=####"

Where #### is the user's uid and users is the user table.

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    @arpitr, that is the wrong command, this is a question regarding changing a username, not a password. Commented Aug 3, 2016 at 0:52

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