We do import (using Feeds_ex) some data into Drupal (we do not control data-source we use to import data) and these data contains HTML in a brackets.

so far I have found these 3 brackets:

 1. [b]bla bla bla[/b]
 2. [i]my text[/i]
 3. [url=http://www.google.com/[/url]

I'm wondering if there is a good approach to deal with these values:

 - Convert them during import?
 - Somehow define in Drupal that these tag are equal to <b>, <i> or <a

At the very end I want to output these data as HTML.

I would be happy to get any suggestion.



That's BBCode.

One option would be to simply install the BBCode module, which contains a BBCode filter. You can then apply that filter to the text format you're using for the body field, and it'll be converted to HTML automatically when rendered.

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