I'm looking to write the following module, any help, guidance, and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • User is logged into site.
  • Site has two content types: page & note.
  • Logged in user can create content type note only.
  • User is viewing a node: /node/5.
  • User selects some text in the body.
  • Link/icon is shown above selected text.
  • User clicks clicks and is taken to /node/add/note
  • Some fields are pre-populated on Node edit page, including:
    • title, field_source_quote, field_entity_reference_nid
  • User adds his "note" to field_user_note and saves note

From my basic understanding of JSON, I should be able to create a JSON of the user selected text with something like:

var selectedText = "";
selectedText = window.getSelection().toString();

var noteData={
    "sourcePath": "/node/being/viewed",
    "selectedText": selectedText

How do I get noteData to a module? Better yet, how do I get nodeData to the node/add/note page and pre-populate the correct fields?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

======= Updates Below =============

Passing data through local storage (Andrew's Approach)

I can confirm this approach is viable. There are a number of issues, however that this presents:

  1. I'm sure this is not the most "drupal-ized" way to perform this.
  2. If the node admin pages use a different theme, the js to retrieve and apply the data must be within the other them.
  3. Need to have a persistent marker placed for the user ui (i.e. highlighting the text they have added a "note" to).

I've come across a library that might be helpful for #3: Rangy (https://github.com/timdown/rangy).

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Here is a little working piece of code for you. You may extend it according to your needs

document.onselectionchange = function() {
    var selectedText = "";
    $('div').mouseup(function() {
      //Save selected text in localStorage.
      selectedText = window.getSelection().toString();
      if (selectedText.length > 10) {
        var noteData={
          "sourcePath": window.location.href,
          "selectedText": selectedText
        localStorage.setItem('noteData', JSON.stringify(noteData));
        window.location.href = '/node/add/page';

  // Get saved data from localStorage and insert in the form.
  var savedNoteData = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('noteData'));
  if (savedNoteData && savedNoteData.selectedText) {
    $('.form-item-title input').val(savedNoteData.selectedText);
    localStorage.setItem('noteData', '');
  • Interesting, so you're saying that I can pass/retrieve noteData via localStorage... I never thought of that - I will give that a shot and report back.
    – ymdahi
    Jul 10, 2015 at 14:12
  • I've updated the post to reflect your idea. I'll give another couple of weeks to see if any one else has any options.
    – ymdahi
    Jul 11, 2015 at 3:10

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