I have a view of list of contents referenced in many others content types in my site. Lets talk about just 2 content types :
A content type called container is referenced in a content type position, so we say that the container has many positions.
Container position is a select list field in Position, for every item in this select list, there are some fields to fill.for example if I select 'on board' I have to fill the field 'date of loading', If I select 'in the shipper' I have to fill the field 'name of shipper'.
So in my view I want to display the list of containers with informations from the positions where they were: container;date of loading;port of loading; shipper.
When I created the view I get duplicated results for every container. I tried aggregation and distinct option, It not works, or it removes duplicates without merging the rows if use them both.
enter image description here
enter image description here

Update: My question is similar to this Views - adding relationship adds duplicate row for each relation

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Consider using the Views Distinct module. From its project page:

Relationships or other joins in Views often create "duplicate" results. For example, a node with a field that has multiple values may show up in the View once per value in the multi-value field. It's frustrating, and the "DISTINCT" SQL query option in the Views UI does not actually solve the problem because the result row is technically distinct. This module aims to give a simple GUI method to remove or aggregate these "duplicate" rows.

  • I try it and I get the same result, If I choose filter repeats it just removes rows without merging content in one row, If I choose aggregate repeates it doesn't change anything.
    – learner123
    Jul 10, 2015 at 13:33

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