I have enabled clean URLs on the site after various article has been published on the site.

But when I migrate from Bluehost VPS to Bluehost Share hosting, the clean URLs is not accessible again. And when I remove ?q= I will see the enable box, and it has lead to duplicate URL on articles on the site.

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To correctly enable/configure Clean URLs, refer to Configure Clean URLs in the installation guide.

If you're not familiar with Clean URLs yet, I suggest to review that documentation in the installation guide carefully (for the version of Drupal that you're using) and make sure your server is correctly configured before proceeding.

Here is a summary of common steps/issues:

  • With Apache HTTPD as web-server, you have to enable mod_rewrite and configure the necessary rewrite rules in the .htaccess file.
  • Usually, theses rules are applied automatically, when mod_rewrite is enabled. But in some cases, the AllowOverride directive is too restrictive to allow this.

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