I want to track taxonomy term tagging count in the database; for each taxonomy term, I want a term tagged count that stores the number of nodes using the taxonomy term. I know I can retrieve it with a query on taxonomy_index but it is too time consuming for me.

I've found taxonomy_build_node_index($node) and taxonomy_delete_node_index($node), which are called in taxonomy_node_insert(), taxonomy_node_update(), and taxonomy_node_delete() (node hooks).

I know a form can be altered with hook_fom_alter(). Is there a way to alter these functions as well?

  • How is a count query on taxonomy_term_index too time consuming? It will be much faster than any of those functions you called up.
    – Jaypan
    Oct 31, 2016 at 2:39

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Drupal doesn't have a way to generally replace a function in a module with a function implemented by another module.

In the case of hooks, you could alter the output of a hook with another hook, but in your case you don't even need this. Just implement hook_node_insert(), hook_node_update(), and hook_node_delete(), and add the code necessary for counting the tags used by nodes.

As said from Jaypan, you don't say in which way querying the taxonomy_index table would be too expensive. I am not sure it would be that expensive, since the table saves the taxonomy term IDs and the node IDs: You just need to count the table rows with a specific value for tid.

  • In my module I need to know count of too many terms for some web mining proposes so lots of queries should be run (one for each term) so I'd rather prefer to have each term count pre calculated. that's why I believe calling taxonomy_term_index would be time consiuming. Nov 1, 2016 at 13:03

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