Here's the scenario:

I have two feeds importers: Members Importer, which does the mapping

SOURCE      TARGET                         TARGET CONFIGURATION
id          GUID (guid)                    Used as unique
id          member_id (field_member_id)    Used as unique
first_name  First Name (field_first_name)
last_name   Last Name (field_last_name)

and Bigs Importer, which does the mapping

SOURCE          TARGET                               TARGET CONFIGURATION
from_member_id  member_id (field_member_id)          Used as unique
to_member_id    Big Brother(s) (Entity reference by 
                Feeds GUID) (field_big_brother_s_)

Both have Bundle set to the custom content type Member; note that field_big_brother_s_ is an entity reference to a node which is also of content type Member, which is why I need two separate importers.


(For ease of discussions, I've appended a couple example sources to the end of this post.)

  1. Can I guarantee that running Bigs Import on the source below (after running Members Importer on the other source) will add The Doctor to Mr. Rogers's Big Brother(s) field? I've read that GUID is only guaranteed to be unique for a single import, or something like that.

  2. If the answer to 1. is no, is it possible to do the entity reference lookup by the member_id field and eliminate GUID stuff entirely?

Example Sources:

Source for Members Importer:

1 ,Bob       ,Dylan    
2 ,Mister    ,Rogers   
3 ,The       ,Doctor   

Source for Bigs Importer:

1 ,2             ,3
2 ,1             ,3
2 ,1             ,2

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