Is there a way to configure Drush Make so that it would build a structure like:


  • drupal_core
  • drupal_contrib

So that next in the build process (that this would form a part of) could symlink the sites/all directory to drupal_contrib

It would be set up this way as I would prefer the build process to allow an upgrade of Drupal core by simply removing sylinks, upgrading, then re-adding symlinks

I'm aware the build process might as well just loop through some drush dl x statements, or that if Drush Make was used the folders could easily be re-jigged afterwards. Just interested if there is a non-hacky way of doing it first.



I've noticed how I can get part of the way there without moving the downloaded files around

From my main directory I can run

drush make --no-core --contrib-destination=modules test.make sites

to yield

  - sites
    - modules
    - themes

then use a standard

drush dl 

to get core and then use custom scripts to symlink core/sites/all -> project_name/sites or something like that.

There doesn't seem to be an option for --no-contrib or anything like that (probably because there isn't much point)

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